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The sun gallery contains images of infrared-, ultraviolet- and light armatures. The images are selectable per manufacturer, brand, type name, type number and/or radiation type. Below each image you will find links to the locations on this site where the main radiation type and -source are described.

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completeness of the sun gallery


In an attempt to be as complete as possible the quality of some images may sometimes be poor. Better or other images will therefore be welcomed as will any other information about presented or missing armatures.

The sun gallery is limited to heat-lamps, sun-lamps and light panels for therapeutic use that had been produced since the discovery of electric light. Light sources for area lighting and infrared sources for heating purposes only are not within the scope of this site or the sun gallery. With exception of some older and/or extraordinary models the scope of the

The lamps and radiators in the sun gallery are subdivided according their intended therapeutic application. So sources of light, heat-lamps and sun-lamps for respectively light-, infrared- and ultraviolet therapies. Sometimes the distinction is not unambiguous however. Light therapies can be based on the use of long waved red- or short waved violet light and the difference from


infrared and ultraviolet might be hard to tell. Early infrared radiators for therapeutic use were in fact less more than optimised incandescent lamps or electric heaters. Determination is therefore often difficult, especially with the lack of further documentation. Over the years the word sun-lamp had been used for single source ultraviolet radiators, for armatures fitted with separate ultraviolet- and infrared radiators and for blended lamps. In the sun gallery combined ultraviolet/infrared sun-lamp armatures are listed separately in the category 'combined

UV/IR armatures'. The reason for this is that armatures with both an infrared- and an ultraviolet radiator often can be used in different ways. As a straight infrared radiator, as a combined ultraviolet/infrared radiator and, when the infrared radiator is not providing the ballast for the ultraviolet radiator (see electrical circuits), as a straight ultraviolet radiator. Strictly spoken a blended lamp is both a source of light and a combined ultraviolet/infrared radiator. Since the infrared- and the ultraviolet part of a blended lamp seldom can be used independently and the application primarily is focussed on its ultraviolet capabilities, blended lamps are listed amongst the ultraviolet radiators. Another reason for the blended lamps to be allocated amongst the ultraviolet radiators is the similarity in shape and sockets of blended lamps and some infrared incandescent lamps, allowing


them to be placed in the same armature. The combination of one armature with both an infrared- and a blended lamp has been sold as a package by several manufacturers. These armatures can therefore be listed under the infrared- or under the ultraviolet armatures, depending on the device they are actually fitted with. When it is evident that the armature had been sold as part of a

package and both type of lamps are visible on the image, the armature is listed among the combined armatures. Another


challenge of determination are the armatures with an external dish reflector that can be equipped with several types of interchangeable radiators, varying from open Kanthal elements and coloured incandescent lamps to quartz elements and even assemblies of discharge lamps with belonging ballasting elements. The allocation of these armatures depends on the type of element or elements that are shown on the image. Again the same

armature may therefore be listed in several categories. Light applications for therapeutic use had been brought together in their own category but her too the distinction from infrared- and ultraviolet sources is sometimes difficult to make.


collection is also limited to table models or smaller tri-pod models for self-medication. Couches or cabins are therefore not included in the image selector.